Biden Slips (Again) And Reveals Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Dead’

A video surfaced Tuesday revealing President Joe Biden admitting to a group of protesters that the Iran nuclear deal is “dead,” though he added, “we are not going to announce it.”

The admission came on Nov. 4 in California as a group of Iranian-American protesters questioned the president at an event. A woman asked Biden if he would announce “that JCPOA is dead.”

She used the acronym for the deal in 2015 that exchanged a softening in U.S. foreign policy towards Iran in return for a pledge that the country would abandon attempts at producing a nuclear weapon.

Biden responded negatively, and when she asked why, he replied for “a lot of reasons.” Then he admitted that the agreement was “dead” and added that it’s a “long story” as to why the administration will not announce it.

This, of course, came four days before the November midterm elections.

The woman persisted, saying “we just don’t want any deals with the mullahs. No deals. They don’t represent us. They are not our government.” Biden retorted as he backed away that “they’ll have a nuclear weapon they’ll represent.”

And while the White House has not commented further on Biden’s exchange with the protester, the State Department addressed the issue Tuesday.

Spokesman Ned Price noted that Iran is to blame for the failure of talks in Vienna that began in 2021 over renewing the agreement. He told the media that “the Iranians killed the opportunity for a swift return to mutual compliance with the JCPOA.”

He added that Iranian resistance also thwarted an opportunity in September when it seemed the two sides might come to terms for renewing the deal. Price confirmed that nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic are no longer “on the agenda.”

It is not surprising that remarks of such importance by Biden slipped under the radar for almost two months. The U.S. media has little to no interest in reporting every word he speaks and breaking down unofficial communications from the White House.

This stands in stark contrast to their constant attention to every utterance from former President Donald Trump for four years.