Biden Should Have Had 300 Million Rapid COVID-19 Tests In September, But They Still Aren’t Available

President Joe Biden’s ability to remember what he’s previously said or spoke to his administration about is severely lacking at a time when the country needs solid leadership. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have proven that they can’t be trusted in their duties, and it’s not speculation that they’ve abandoned the most crucial areas of the country, like the border and the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Former White House Press Secretary and Fox News Contributor Ari Fleischer tweeted:

Biden said in September that he was going “to purchase nearly 300 million rapid tests for distribution to community health centers, food banks, schools” and “every American, no matter their income, can access free and convenient tests.”

That was a lie. Biden was trying to boost his poll numbers after the withdrawal from Afghanistan and would have said anything to boost his popularity.

The at-home test website where you can get them isn’t up until January, and the health insurance reimbursement isn’t in effect. Biden has been talking about at-home tests since March of 2021 but has failed to make good on his promises to do so.

Biden has said plenty of crazy things in his time on the campaign trail and as president. Biden said he wants every American to have “badakathcare” and “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize truinernationalundpressure.”

Then, there are, of course, Biden’s complete lies. He said, “I used to drive a tractor-trailer. I only did it for part of summer.”

It doesn’t even make sense. Why would he lie about that? Nobody cares if he drove a tractor-trailer truck or not. It gives him no more or less standing ground for what he was talking about. What takes away his credibility is the lie.

Fleischer also tweeted, “These are a matter of enormous consequence. But our president does not remember what he was told, what he said, or what he did. We’re in big trouble.”
The left knows that they have to keep Biden on a short leash, but with Harris also doing interviews, the party is screwed. They’ve put themselves into a box, and they’re trying to get out of it before 2024 and pushing the envelope to do it by the 2022 midterm elections.