Biden Sets ‘Ambitious’ Climate Goal That Requires Time Travel

Climate change isn’t a new topic, but it hits the headlines like no other time throughout the year every fall. Hurricanes hit the United States on the east coast and gulf coast, and they have for as long as anybody can remember. But the messaging surrounding what to do about it has changed significantly.

The new-age infrastructure bill that’s being discussed currently isn’t precisely about infrastructure. The Democrats are pushing legalization for illegal immigrants and breathalyzer-type devices in American cars to go along with a new mileage tax that will make all American taxes go up, not to mention the $3.5 trillion price tag.

Biden came out and bumbled around a press conference on the infrastructure deal, but this time was different. He hit on a conspiracy theory that lives in the TikTok world, time travel.

Joe Biden said by 2020, a year ago, America’s electricity will have zero emissions. What a claim to make! Biden should have used that on his campaign trail, but he was more focused on telling Black Americans that they aren’t Black unless they vote for him and talking to Cardi B about locking up police officers for defending themselves.

Of course, this isn’t possible, and it’s a direct example of what happens when you don’t give Biden a teleprompter, or he goes off the course. He bumbles around and can’t complete a sentence without severe mental instability.

“We’ve got to move the rest of the world, and it’s not just the United States of America.” What good words for Biden. Does any American think Biden will be able to convince the Taliban to go solar? Probably not. To put it more abruptly, hell no.

Biden doesn’t understand that his policies alone have contributed more to climate change than most things previous presidents have done. Former President Donald Trump got America to oil independence, and Biden made sure to reverse that. Maybe the Russians and the middle east are focused on more ethical ways to get oil out of the ground than the United States. Our federal policies are stronger than almost every other world economic leader, and that’s why so many companies have left the United States to go other places. It’s cheaper, and they don’t have to follow as many strict federal regulations.

However, many people are unaware that electric vehicles still need coal as a fuel source. Electricity doesn’t magically appear as much as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks that it should. Nuclear still seems to be a more ethical option than coal, but the cost is the biggest hurdle for America. The cost of 0 emissions would bankrupt the American economy at this moment and make it more difficult for Americans to thrive in business ownership and raise prices considerably.

Remember what happened in Texas last winter? Zero emissions right now would cause that to occur across the United States constantly. Nobody could cope with that.