Biden Seeks Credit For “Job Creation” As Businesses Reopen

Attempting to turn attention away from disastrous inflation running rampant through the US economy, President Biden and his remaining supporters cannot understand why the public is not buying their propaganda.

After all, according to the White House, no other president in history has accomplished what Biden has in so little time. Check out this brave list of first-year “accomplishments” that the administration wants your thanks for:

  • 7.4 million jobs created, best in history.
  • Unemployment dropped from 6.2% to 3.9%, the best in history.
  • Unemployment claims fell from 18 million to 2 million, the best in history.

And our favorite economic legislation passed-most significant by the economic impact of any first-year president.

Just think how much better things would be if ungrateful Americans gave Biden credit for all of his accomplishments!

Instead, just before last week’s State of the Union Address, his approval rating hovered around 40%. Even more ominous for his supporters are his disapproval numbers, which come in about 54% and have surged among younger voters and independents who previously supported him.

Former Washington Post writer Matt O’Brien tweeted the problem faced by the leftist media when he posted, “The 678k jobs we added in February shows that this continues to be both the best recovery of my lifetime and the least popular. How is this possible?”

Well, Mr. O’Brien, it’s simple.

Reopening jobs illegally closed to start with is not “job creation” and no amount of liberal spin will convince thinking Americans otherwise. Do not expect their gratitude if you wrongly take something from a person and manage to get it back.

Really, how hard is this to understand?

Biden’s Senior Communications Advisor to the National Economic Council, Jesse Lee, tried to pull a fast one with an image touting “The Biggest Job Creation Year in History.” With dishonesty that would make the Kremlin blush, Lee cited numbers showing former President Trump’s last year seeing 9.4 million jobs lost, followed by Biden’s first year adding 6.4 million.

Even as businesses reopen their doors from government-forced closures, overall employment is still down over 2 million from April 2020. Perhaps we can resume this discussion when employment returns to pre-pandemic levels. Wouldn’t “job creation” actually start then?

#BidenBoom is trending on Twitter, but what exactly is that? Gas averaging almost 4$ a gallon nationally qualifies as a “boom,” as does the highest inflation in 40 years.

Sorry leftists, but US families are not blind to having their paychecks decimated at the gas pump or in the grocery checkout line. No amount of spin changes that Americans after Biden’s first year in office are unloading fewer grocery bags from their vehicles for the same amount of money spent.