When Asked About Illegal Migrant Payoffs, Biden Shook His Head

Peter Doocy, with Fox News, asked President Joe Biden if the United States is going to give $450,000 to illegal aliens who were separated from their families, and Biden looked at him and scratched his head. He headed down an escalator while leaving the Climate Change Summit in Rome. 

Biden’s inability to answer questions doesn’t start or end because Biden hasn’t been taking questions at press conferences anymore. When he does, he selects reporters from a note card that’s been given to him.  

Biden was already 20 minutes late to the press conference he had given and said that he was behind because they were “playing with elevators.” It is the leader of the free world.  

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration considers reuniting separated families since the families and children filed lawsuits against the government claiming “lasting psychological harm.”

The problem is that the payment for individuals and families who lost loved ones on the September 11, 2001, Twin Towers attack only received $100,000. There’s no circumstance where criminals should be treated better than Americans who lost family members in terrorist attacks. Again, it’s Americans last. 

According to the Texas Tribune, there have been cases where the federal government said that immigrants could have their children if they signed a voluntary deportation paper. Still, some parents elect not to get their children at all. 

We all know that there are risks involved in crossing the southern border, and some see those risks in real-time. Should there be some reform in immigration? Probably. Should the border be opened up completely? Not. There’s not a fine line between the two. There are vast conversation points that can be made on both sides of the political aisle where agreements can be made that will make most people happy, safe, and allow a reasonable number of immigrants into the country. That would be the risk diversion that would allow peace and transition to immigrants who require asylum and prevent the free flow. 

The problem with the “separation of families” is the abusers of the system. The immigrants who have families are suffering, while the immigrants who claimed to have families but crossed with other people’s kids are getting away with abusing the asylum claim. It’s a complicated system that needs the right kind of focus to solve.