Biden Says He Will Not Pardon Son

President Joe Biden said last week that he would not pardon his son Hunter if he was found guilty of federal firearms charges. The firearms trial is currently underway with another regarding federal tax charges set for later in the summer.

The president said in an interview with ABC News that he would accept the results of the trial. He was then asked by host David Muir whether or not he would rule out pardoning his son. The president replied “yes.”

Hunter Biden is facing charges that he illegally acquired and disposed of a firearm after being legally barred from doing so. The former president could not own a gun because of his well-documented drug addiction.

The president’s son faces up to 25 years in prison and fines of up to $750,000.

According to special counsel David Weiss, Hunter Biden “chose to author and sell a book in 2021 in which he made countless incriminating statements about his years-long drug usage, including during the time period he purchased and possessed the gun.”

Weiss also pointed to the finding of drugs in the same area where Hunter Biden allegedly kept the firearm.

“After opening the evidence, FBI investigators observed a white powdery substance on the defendant’s brown leather pouch that had held the defendant’s firearm in October 2018,” wrote Weiss.

The jury has been seated for the trial, which the Hunter Biden legal team attempted to have delayed or thrown out several times.

The president’s son also faced congressional scrutiny after he ignored an initial subpoena to testify. After a public press conference, Hunter Biden testified before Congress behind closed doors.

Some House Republicans accused him of lying during the testimony. Congressional investigators are seeking answers about the Biden family’s business connections, including alleged payments totaling millions of dollars from foreign sources.

The president’s son was set to accept a plea deal in both the firearm and IRS case, but this was rejected by the judge. The original deal would have likely seen Hunter Biden serving no jail time.