Biden Says ‘He Did What’ With A Dog?

President Joe Biden would be a perfect match for a new character on “Reno 911!” as an offshoot of the police department. Biden could play the security guard at the front of a wealthy gated community within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s office.

Read this and ask yourself how well it would play into the hilarious antics that the show brings.

Biden explained he got a call from a lady and noted she was from the opposing political party and said, “And I said, ‘yes ma’am, did you call the county?’ Yes, they’re not here. Well, I’ll get them in the morning. She said, ‘I want it removed now. I will pay your salary.’ So I went over. I picked it up. She said I wanted it out of my front yard. I put it on her doorstep.”

Biden then laughed.

Had that scene been scripted into the show, there’s no doubt Biden would be a favorite character. Call it a sick sense of humor or just plain sympathy, but it’s actually kind of funny. Not funny in the sense that the lady got what she deserved, but like your grandfather telling war stories in the nursing home where he says he did something that he didn’t do.

There’s no way Biden did this. The number of complaints and the lasting “Biden put a dead dog on someone’s doorstep, and we shouldn’t elect him” would still be making the rounds.

There’s proof that Biden is lying. An article written by NACo explained that “when a constituent insisted a dead animal promptly be removed from her street. Biden arrived in a pickup truck and detached the animal himself that night.”

Biden was also tasked with fighting cancer and announced that he’s reigniting the “Cancer Moonshot.” We’re in trouble if the numbers are anywhere close to the COVID-19 numbers.

Biden said, “I dedicated myself to this fight when I was Vice President. It’s one of the reasons why I ran for President. But let there be no doubt that this is a presidential White House priority now that I am President. Period.”

It is one of the first times Biden has done something that doesn’t cost any more money than was already allocated. The funds are set to expire in 2023, but Biden has said he’s not spending more money but shifting focus.

They’re some pretty good reasons behind focusing on checkups and therapeutics. During the 2020 pandemic, there was a decline in checkups that could have detected cancer. That’s problematic when looking into the future, but that doesn’t mean Biden will twist this opportunity into a partisan power grab and take credit for any outcome.