Biden Reportedly Prepared To Play The 1/6 Card On Dems Who Won’t Support His Spend-A-Palooza Agenda

It didn’t take President Joe Biden long to turn on his party when they disagreed with part of his “Build Back Better” agenda. Biden is trying to categorize Democrats who will pass the infrastructure bill as January 6th enablers.  

To suggest that January 6th was about trying to overthrow Democrats from office is a joke. The January 6th Capitol Riots were primarily about protesting an unfair election. Still, Biden looks at Democrats who are questioning the motives and effects of the infrastructure bill as supporters of “insurrectionists.” 

The infrastructure bill doesn’t help Americans. What it does is allow Democrats to spend an insane amount of money.

That’s $200 million to go toward the eradication of invasive vegetation? Why? That doesn’t make sense. What are we doing here? Are we trying to help the American people or pad the pockets of federal and non-federal land management organizations? 

Training and education for “23 U.S. Code 504 – Training and education” would give $127.5 million just to training through 2026. But why would it be reasonable while the economy is on the verge of collapse to add $127.5 million just for training and education for programs relating to highways? It doesn’t make sense.  

But maybe it does make sense. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is going to benefit from most of the infrastructure bill. Every tens of millions of dollars per year funding toward transportation will put Buttigieg in a position to succeed and probably give him a run for the presidency in 2024.  

Buttigieg is on board with vaccine passports. With him in charge of federal transportation, he will place as many mandates on travel as the federal government wants and the funding to do so.  

Funding for university transportation will reach $405 million by 2026. Yes, that’s right. University transportation. What could $405 million do for the American people instead of university transportation? Universities charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend and need federal grants to take care of transportation.  

Does Biden think Americans are dumb? This money could be used to do so much more than it’s doing. It’s incentivizing partisan politicians that have been placed to use hundreds of millions, if not billions, to use at their leisure and place as many Covid-19 mandates as they want. To oppose that isn’t being an “insurrectionist,” it’s being a reasonable American.