Biden Rents Home Form Defense Investment Philanthropist, But You Shouldn’t Eat Meat For Thanksgiving

The Democrat message for the past 40 years since former President Ronald Reagan slashed taxes 10% across the board. The energy has increased in more recent years, and the idea has gained steam among voters.

President Joe Biden keeps saying that the rich should pay their fair share, but he doesn’t seem to mean it. The talking points get him cheers, but he and his family are among the country’s wealthiest people behind the scenes. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Biden is worth $9 million, which is high for politicians. On the other hand, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is worth $100,000, below her salary level at $174,000.

Biden is spending his Thanksgiving time at David Rubenstein’s $30 million mansions in Nantucket, MA. Rubenstein, the billionaire, is the owner of Carlyle Group, is heavily involved in the defense industry. The Centre for Research on Globalization reported that Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said, “Their defense holdings are quite extensive. Because of their investments, they are a major contractor for the Pentagon.” They also reported Fitton saying, “These are all former government officials who have chosen to team with us in various capacities. I stress the fact that they are former government officials.”

The United States withdrawal from Afghanistan will likely benefit the Carlyle group significantly when the U.S. re-ups their defense equipment that was left behind. A massive payday for Rubenstein and his company.

Defense companies get enormous tax breaks, and why shouldn’t they? They provide a service to the country by supplying arms to the military. It’s necessary but should be regulated a bit more. When top-ranking military officials or politicians get done with their service to the country, they should be disallowed from employing these companies altogether. Government officials can call their buddies and get contracts to arm the military quickly, and the oversight is mainly internal.

It’s fascinating to see the White House insistent on telling Americans what to do while their staff, specifically Biden, does something different. “Tax the Rich” while we go spend time with the rich in their multimillion-dollar homes.