Biden Denies To Answer Questions About His Recent Communist Push

President Joe Biden keeps pushing the spending bills by telling us that they will cost nothing and won’t raise taxes on anyone that makes under $400,000. Does anyone believe him?  

Inflation is a bad thing if you haven’t heard. It’s when things get more expensive without changing in quality. Inflation has already happened in the price of gas, groceries, vehicles, homes, just about everything. It’s so bad that Dollar Tree has even had to raise its prices.

The other part of the spending bills that will add tax on the American people is the mileage tax you’ll have to pay for every mile you drive. The proposed amount is $.08, resulting in thousands of dollars a year for many Americans.  

With all of the lies that Biden has told in his short term as president, it’s no wonder he won’t take any questions from reporters. The idea is that perception is everything. If it appears reasonable and nobody gets the opportunity to challenge it, then the perception will also stay good. That’s not true.  

The law will also include universal pre-kindergarten, a child tax credit, and child care support, raising concerns about the government’s ability to fund these programs.

The Biden administration has gotten around this by making sure the IRS can investigate Americans’ bank accounts. Biden says that the top 1% in the U.S. evade more than $160 billion in taxes every year. That seems to include much more than the top 1% in the figure listed. That averages out to be roughly $48,500 per person who makes over $400,000 a year. That doesn’t sound like evasion at all. It sounds like it’s a mix of tax cuts and incentives. 

It honestly sounds more like Biden wants more companies to leave the U.S. than already have. He’s putting people in challenging positions coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, where the government shut down most of the economy. Now they want to demonize the ones who made it out and are thriving. It’s an unfair rule to place on people just because they make more money.