Biden Raises Questions About His Mental Fitness As He Confuses Mask Mandate With Immigration Rule

People are questioning whether President Joe Biden is mentally fit to stay in office after he answers a question about the immigration regulations while confusing it with mask mandate policies on airplanes.

A few weeks ago, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that Title 42 would end soon. This policy helped facilitate the quick deportation of illegal aliens, if it is revoked the aftermath will lead to a huge influx of illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border. This means ending Title 42 essentially worsens the ongoing border crisis.

The decision to end the policy is facing backlash even from Democrats so the administration feels pressured to reconsider. On Thursday, President Biden was asked if he was considering holding Title 42. However, he mistook it for another controversial policy about mask mandates on airplanes and went off tangent instead.

While talking with Fox News, Biden clarified in a follow-up statement that he was discussing the transportation mask mandate, while there has been no action taken by the Department of Justice regarding Title 42.

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that the administration is making all necessary arrangements as Title 42 will be ending on May 23.

Both policies are difficult for the administration. On Thursday, they filed an appeal to restart the mask mandate, in addition to filing another appeal on Friday, requesting a judge to block a request by 21 states against the Title 42 repeal.

Biden’s confused and incoherent statements continue to become more frequent. This has led to speculation on both sides regarding his mental capacity due to his old age. The health concerns were so important that he pledged to serve only one term if his mental health prevented him from running the office.

A former White House physician from the Trump-era and current Republican US House member from Texas, Ronny Jackson, had asked President Biden to take a cognitive test as early as possible. He also requested that the results should be made public as he talked about several occasions where President Biden showed signs of a declining mental health.

Although Biden aims to run for President in 2024, many people on both sides are doubtful. It is also believed that Vice President Kamala Harris is depending on Biden to hand her over the presidency before finishing his term.