Biden Administration Was Fair Compared To This Entertaining Monty Python Drama

It seems like a bad weekend if you look back at President Joe Biden’s short time in office. It isn’t getting any better, and after his bad decisions and lack of cognitive ability show, he’s doubling down. The first lady is even trying to get Vice President Kamala Harris out of office. It’s a joke up there.  

Biden is looking for accomplishments because other than the bipartisan infrastructure bill, he’s done nothing. America is in a worse place. We’re weak on foreign policy after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and we’re less energy independent as we once were. Both are terrible things and should be noted when questioning who you support in politics.  

You have to ask yourself if Biden believes he’s helping Americans. In no way is requesting more oil from OPEC a good idea or a sustainable strategy. In addition, taxing Americans per mile they drive isn’t going to help either. It will add an undue burden on the public, further proving that Biden isn’t “building back better.”  

Biden’s presidency has been described as a Monty Python sketch. The sketch opens up with a man complaining that his bird is dead. The storekeeper insists that the bird isn’t dead, that it’s only resting. “Look, my lad, I know a dead parrot when I see one, and I’m looking at one right now,” the man insists. The storekeeper says, “No, that’s not dead. It’s only resting.”  

“Resting?” the man says. “Yeah, resting. Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blow, isn’t it?” the storekeeper says. Meanwhile, the bird is lying across the cage with its head out of the cage door.  

The exchange continues with the man saying, “All alright, if it’s resting, I’ll just wake it up,” and yells into the bird’s ear, “Hello, buddy. I’ve got a fresh cup of fish for you if you wake up!” 

The man continues to yell at the bird, insisting it’s dead, and the storekeeper continues to argue it’s not.  

Monty Python Dead Parrot 

“You stunned him just as he was waking up” is the pivotal moment in the sketch that defines the Biden administration. The man bangs the bird on the counter just before the storekeeper suggests the bird is waking up. 

America is waiting for Biden to wake up and smell the coffee. He’s been asleep at the wheel his entire administration, and it’s saddening that this could continue. 

It turns out the bird was dead when the man bought it, and the storekeeper convinced the man it was tired and resting.  

There’s no better way to compare the Biden administration other than, maybe, “Weekend at Bernie’s.”  

Steve Hilton described it wonderfully. 

The real victim is the voter. They were duped into voting for a man that wasn’t with us and still isn’t.