Biden, Pelosi, Sanders, And The Squad Are Squabbling Over A Bill They Never Promised In The First Place

A vote has been delayed on the infrastructure bill as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi puts it on hold. The bill wasn’t good enough for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Bernie Sanders (D-VM), and others complaining that their desired contributions are included. They’ve spent plenty of time complaining about the contents, and nobody ever said that they get what they want. It isn’t a variety pack where everyone likes something inside, and this is a highly contested bill that may not even pass, especially now.  

The point of all of the massive spending bills is to throw a large amount of spending and issues into the bill so that the Senate and House can pick at it until it’s roughly half of the original bill. It’s standard on both sides of the aisle. According to the Federalist, President Joe Biden even held off his trip to meet the Pope to convince progressives to gain a legislative victory. It’s all optics, and it’s happening with taxpayer money. 

The Build Back Better Act isn’t going to be voted on until last. There’s still going to be deliberation on all of it.  

Sanders loves the plan “as is” but wants to add in health care issues, which we all know are socialized. 

Pelosi made a wild statement in her press conference about holding off on the vote. She said that she trusts President Biden. It is a shock because she might be the only person in the entire country who does. The Vatican even canceled the live broadcast.  

The White House is a disaster, and Congress is even worse. If the bills pass, then it shows that Congress doesn’t represent the people. Even if citizens think they want it, they don’t. It’s going to mess up the economy in more ways than they may realize. Just because they agree with the current party’s politics doesn’t mean this is right.