Biden On Kamala: ‘Work In Progress’

A new book has said that Joe Biden has at times been highly annoyed with Vice President Kamala Harris — the White House occupant apparently called her a “work in progress” during his first month in office.

The book is apparently about Biden’s success in his first term and was written by author Chris Whipple, who had exclusive access to Biden regime officials as he wrote it, according to Politico.

Whipple claimed that sources confirmed that the husband of Harris, Douglas Emhoff, decried the set of policies given to the vice president, arguing they caused her damage politically.

“Biden was annoyed,” Whipple wrote in his book.

“He hadn’t asked Harris to do anything he hadn’t done as vice president — and she’d begged him for the voting rights assignment.”

An older report from 2021 alleged that members of Harris’ coterie were unhappy with Biden’s team as they believed it was intentionally setting the vice president up for failure via her assigned policies. Biden’s team apparently charged that Harris is grossly incompetent and often unprepared for meetings.

It is not a secret that Harris and Biden have butted heads in the past. Some may remember the 2020 Democrat primary debate when Harris suggested that Biden is a racist due to his past work with senators who opposed desegregation.

FLASHBACK: Watch Kamala Harris CALL Joe Biden a RACIST!

As everybody knows, Harris went on to become Biden’s vice president after her harsh words against him. Upon being pressed on how she transitioned from implying he is a racist to fully supporting him, Harris cackled and repeatedly said, “It was a debate!”

A spokeswoman representing the White House issued a statement about the allegations made in Whipple’s book.

“We respect that there will be no shortage of books written about the administration containing a wide variety of claims,” said Robyn Patterson.

“We don’t plan to engage in confirmations or denials when it comes to the specifics of those claims,” added the spokeswoman. “The author did not give us a chance to verify the materials that are attributed here.”

Another report alleged that Harris staffers believed it was disrespectful for Biden to have an all-white staff, per The Blaze.

Australia’s Sky News published a report discussing the apparent tensions between Biden and Harris.