Biden Official ADMITS That Democrats Are PUSHING For America To Be Undemocratic

If it wasn’t clear before, President Joe Biden wants to turn America into a socialist utopia. Biden’s administration pushes for policies and reform that will take America and flip it upside down to ensure Democrats control the way forward.  

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made some bizarre comments while in Ecuador. He asked the audience, “Consider a country where a leader is elected in a fair and free election and then sets about chipping away, slowly but surely, at the pillars of democracy.” That’s what Biden is doing. He’s chipping away at how Americans are forced into making decisions that the government wants them to make. Take the Covid-19 vaccine mandate, for example. Biden didn’t sign an executive order or take the mandates through Congress. What he did was tell OSHA that they were going to force the mandates on every worker. Worse of all, it worked.  

Blinken continued, “Attacking the free press, undermining the independence of the courts, threatening political opponents.” Is the press free? The New York Post wasn’t free when they wrote about Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal before the 2020 presidential election. Fact-checkers have ensured that anything they disagree with is labeled misinformation. Every time you look at leftist news outlets, they talk about left-leaning policies and tell viewers how to think. That doesn’t sound like the freedom that Blinken is talking about. As far as undermining the courts, Biden is par for the course on that one. Biden is waiting for appeals on the court’s decision to reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy under Trump. Biden was evading the court on the eviction moratorium and has said, “Maybe it’s not legal, but it’s worth it.” Those are the words of a dictator.  

“Now, imagine that leader then seeks to use the leaders of democracy to pass anti-democratic reforms eliminating term limits, packing courts, firing legislators.” That’s also what Biden is doing. Even as Vice President, Biden withheld money from Ukraine to make sure a prosecutor was fired. Biden is currently considering packing the court with Democrat allies. Biden’s trillions of spending and IRS overreach are very anti-democratic, especially considering all of the executive orders Biden has signed.  

Blinken seems to be admitting more than he’s leading on. “That’s the story of more than once democracy in our hemisphere, and it’s one of the ways that democracies can come undone.” He said, “can come undone,” seemingly laying out a plan that will play out in front of us.  

Biden is pushing his agenda knowing that most Americans disagree with them and without complete support by Democrats in Congress. Most of his plans may not play out, but the few that do will have to be overturned. The Supreme court has stuck to the Constitution and been on the side of the people so far and will hopefully continue as Biden’s presidency continues.