Biden Morphed Into ‘Old Man Yelling At Clouds’ During Ground Zero Remembrance

The Obama’s, the Clinton’s, and the Biden’s walk into a 9/11 memorial. No, it’s not a joke, but the hilarity that followed was one for the books. President Joe Biden veered off and greeted a child at the 9/11 memorial and was booed, and someone told him not to sniff the child. It’s accurate. At least someone is telling him to stop.

The Clintons were also called murderers as they were walking through the memorial. Many murders and “suicides” have been loosely tied to the Clintons when reporters or people are about to expose them, and most of the time, when a high-class named person gets killed or “suicides” themselves, the Clinton’s seem to have intriguing ties to the person.

Biden shouldn’t have let the Clintons be involved so publically. Monica Lewinsky is about to drop a documentary about Clinton’s impeachment, and the imagery of all of the presidents isn’t going to go well for Biden. It shows how close these families are.

An odd picture of Biden has circulated that shows Biden pulling down the mask he was swearing and yelling. Former President Barack Obama can be seen in the image’s background looking at Joe like he’s looked at him many times before with disgust.

Bill Clinton can be seen looking off into the distance, probably at an intern he’s had his eye on, and Jill Biden is looking away at absolutely nothing. She seems to try to ignore the moment and see who’s watching. We all are Jill, every one of us.

Biden isn’t new to breaking his mask policies and suggestions. Biden has taken his mask off and coughed, then put it back on at press conferences and even forgotten where he put his show on several other occasions. The only reason to care about this is it’s just another example of politicians forcing you to do the things they won’t do themselves.

As impeachments are rolling in and more support is garnering, Biden can’t keep himself together. His evident characteristics of nursing home residents tell you how well-equipped he is to run this country or any country at that. Biden can’t even leave a country, Afghanistan, without leaving disaster in his wake, so what makes you think he can effectively run this one?

When will this roller coaster be over? When can Americans have complete confidence in their leadership again? Say what you want about Trump. The man cared about people. Biden doesn’t seem to care about himself, much less for you.