Biden Mocks Americans’ FREEDOM And Receives RAUCOUS Applause For His Remarks

In the CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper, President Joe Biden said that police officers and first responders should be fired for not getting the Covid-19 vaccine and everyone in the audience clapped. The event was invite-only, and it was sure to have scripted questions and only supporters of Biden attending to make sure that sound bites were favorable.  

So, should police officers and first responders be fired for not getting the Covid-19 vaccine? No. The vaccine isn’t FDA approved, which means there are restrictions in its ability to be mandated, and its efficacy is in question because long-term studies haven’t been completed. Adverse reactions haven’t been fully explored.  

Natural antibodies from natural infection recovery are actual and shouldn’t be discounted as a possibility, and religious exemption shouldn’t either. Pfizer has instructed their employees to keep the secret of fetal tissue being used to develop the vaccine. The ethical versus the religious view of fetal tissue is held by many. It should always be considered to make sure that businesses or governments aren’t violating religious exemptions.  

Anderson Cooper asked, “I’m wondering where you stand on that. Should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines? And if not, should they be, stay at home, let go?” 

Biden responded, “Yes and yes.” 

Chicago, Illinois, is going through this battle against Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and the Fraternal Order of Police is backing the officers. An estimated 50% of the city isn’t responding to Lightfoot’s mandate to disclose vaccination status to the department. 

Biden said that he didn’t see another reasonable choice, but that’s not true. Reasonable in one person’s mind is absurd in another. Reasonable would be giving the option until full FDA approval. Reasonable would be giving a path for natural antibodies and religious exemptions. None of those reasonable options are being made available, making it an unreasonable request.  

Biden also said that he has doubts that there will be massive revolts or walkouts due to the mandates, but it’s already happened with Southwest airlines causing tens of thousands of people to be held back by worker shortages. Imagine that taking place in police departments. After the employees didn’t come to work, Southwest took back their statement to put all employees who weren’t vaccinated on unpaid leave. See how that works?

Biden doesn’t care about individuals. He is looking through the lens of his handlers and making these mandates. Freedom of medical choice will ultimately be a reality when the Supreme Court hears these cases and a ruling.