Biden May Be Using The FBI As His Own Personal Investigators

President Joe Biden and his enclave of FBI agents have seemed to have taken over the United States, and Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s daughter, a diary is a perfect example. The FBI executed a search warrant on James O’Keefe, a journalist and owner of Project Veritas.

Federal prosecutors have been largely silent on the massive crime waves hitting major cities, especially the smash and grabs at retail stores. On top of that, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots of 2020 could still be a topic of investigation because many who were present and engaged in criminal activity haven’t been prosecuted, and video evidence exists for a large number of the riots that took place. The Kyle Rittenhouse case showed that the FBI closely watched the riots and protests. It’s safe to assume that agents were in other, more dangerous and violent protests and riots as well.

Instead, there’s been a focus on school boards. It’s disgusting.

The focus of the diary has led the FBI to seek information from witnesses and conduct raids over the past year to investigate Ashley Biden’s diary that was supposedly abandoned. The New York Times reported that the FBI is trying to determine “whether there was a criminal conspiracy among a handful of individuals to steal and publish the diary.”

Project Veritas obtained the diary from sources and didn’t use it in their reporting. An attorney for Project Veritas wrote, “Project Veritas had no involvement with how those two individuals acquired the diary.” The two individuals are only known as R.K and A.H.

The problem seems to be that if the FBI is investigating a crime, they are operating acceptably. They’re acting as servants to the Biden administration if they aren’t. Project Veritas said that they turned over the diary to local law enforcement after deciding not to use it, and the FBI should have known that if their investigatory skills were worth any weight.

Veritas tried to get Biden to answer questions related to the diary, and it was clear that Veritas wasn’t hiding the fact that they obtained the diary. Given the first amendment nature of the press, Veritas has every right to do what it did. The constitutionality of Biden’s actions is very questionable.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and his taxes still haven’t been investigated by U.S. Attorney General David Weiss, which began in the summer of 2020. Weiss stated that the investigation was halted because of the campaign, yet it looks like it will never resume. It’s been a year since the election, and there doesn’t seem to be movement on the case.

The fact that the feds are being used at Biden’s disposal is a concern with merit, especially when targeting the press. Biden certainly needs positive ratings, and it seems that if he can push the FBI on anyone who uncovers information on him, then they can be silenced. He’ll keep those good ratings. The problem is that Biden is pushing many boundaries, with the FBI being his police force that’s battling political opposition. It’s becoming a dangerous world to live in to go against the Biden’s, and it needs to be stopped.