Biden May Be “Responsible” For The “Terror Attack” On The Synagogue In Texas

There’s no doubt that immigration is a huge issue, but the level it’s gotten to is ridiculous. After President Joe Biden got into office, he killed vetting measures that former President Donald Trump put into ensuring that everyone entering the United States was investigated properly. Without that, there’s a significant possibility that terrorist activities will occur, which brings us to a Texas Synagogue where a man took four people hostage and was killed when law enforcement entered the building.

Malik Faisal Akram, 44 on the MI5 watch list, was being investigated in 2020, but he was no longer a threat when he flew to the US. He was being investigated in the US, but the United Kingdom also had Akram as a “person of interest” in 2020 and had a criminal history. Akram was moved to a “former subject of interest” in 2021 and wasn’t considered a threat.

Now, there’s a growing interest in holding the Biden Administration accountable for the vetting process that went into allowing Akram into the US after the vetting process was relaxed. The former Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief of staff, Jon Feere, has also called for an investigation. It may turn into the same court decision that forced Biden to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

The investigation is based on Biden’s revocation of Trump’s vetting process for visa applicants worldwide that obtained social media information for the past 15 years and biographical data for the past 15 years.

Trump received backlash, but that type of vetting could have stopped this incident and many others that could come up in the future because of Biden’s move to make it easier for terrorists to enter the US Trump’s vetting process also encouraged cooperation with countries worldwide that would also aid them in vetting people inside of their own country.

Feere told the Washington Free Beacon, “Biden and his staff don’t understand the need for better vetting, but I’m hopeful this case opens their eyes. Only with a commitment to transparency can policies and practices be appropriately adjusted so that a similar incident is less likely to occur in the future.”

Given the mass illegal immigration that’s occurred, it’s likely that these incidents will continue. Criminal convictions in the UK would have barred Akram from entering the US, so depending on the method of visa approval Akram received would determine the length of investigation that may occur.

With the large number of immigrants entering the US, the State Department has waived the interview process of 49,000 immigrants. That should be enough to tell the Biden Administration that there’s a massive problem with immigration, to begin with. They’re not enough resources to integrate the immigrants into the country and no way to vet them all in a reasonable time frame. If Vice President Kamala Harris did her job as border czar, we likely wouldn’t be in this country.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas saying, “Either knowingly allowing entry to someone with demonstrated sympathies for terrorist organizations and a predilection toward violence or failing to conduct even a cursory background check.”

It all comes down to guilt and how much Biden blames Akram’s entry into the country.