Biden May Be Held To The Same Standard Or He Can Leave

President Joe Biden might be living in a fantasy world of “forget what I said before,” but Americans aren’t. We remember and want Biden to be held accountable for his claims and statements before he got elected and especially after.

Biden wanted former President Donald Trump to be held accountable for the COVID-19 deaths as they topped 200,000 by the end of Trump’s presidency. Biden isn’t holding himself responsible for having more COVID-19 deaths than Trump did.

There are only two outcomes for Biden. He either admits that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t practical, or he resigns and stands by his own words. There’s not another option here. Either would be acceptable. We’re waiting.

Most voters chose Biden because of COVID-19. They felt that former President Donald Trump didn’t place COVID-19 on a level of acceptable concern, and there can be some good arguments for that. Trump’s words were harsh, but people need to understand that the media narrative on COVID-19 against Trump was strong from day one and never stopped, even now.

Biden has made claims to “shut down the virus,” but there’s been nothing that shows he has accomplished that whatsoever. There have been 433,691 (and probably more by the time you read this) that have died from COVID-19 since the beginning of Biden’s presidency. According to Biden’s criticism of half that when Trump was in office, That’s an unacceptable number.

Biden hasn’t been able to admit he’s wrong either and it’s not just COVID-19 that’s the problem. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was awful, and Biden still hasn’t acknowledged his or Harris’ input that destroyed the entire operation. Biden ignored military advice and decided to strike an innocent family to justice for the 13 military members who lost their lives. It’s a sad situation that needs accountability.

The disasters have piled up for the first year of the Biden Administration which isn’t going to go down as a stable situation for the United States or its citizens. Biden and Harris aren’t willing to do so much work. The 2022 midterm election is hopefully going to turn the tides red with a wave of Republicans getting elected as Democrats are beginning to resign their positions. Nobody can stop it, and nothing that happens between now and November can change anyone’s mind from what they’ve already witnessed and experienced as the worst administration in years.