Biden May Be “Angry And Concerned,” But American’s Right To Self-Defense Stands Strong

If you don’t already know, Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent by a jury of his peers. Not a jury of politicians, not a jury of Black Lives Matter or Antifa, by a jury of his peers. Also, if you didn’t know, Rittenhouse didn’t shoot any Black Americans and was justified in using self-defense in the situation he was in.

Now that’s out of the way. President Joe Biden made a fascinating statement about the Rittenhouse verdict.

That’s not how Biden campaigned. He constantly divided Americans because of the Covid-19 vaccine and not trusting former President Donald Trump with the rollout of said vaccine. Now, Biden all of a sudden wants to unite Americans.

The problematic rhetoric of the statement shows a deep-rooted hatred for self-defense and gun ownership in general. While Biden didn’t say he wanted to take away Americans’ guns, the statement shows clear support of the riotous behavior that was going on in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the night Rittenhouse defended himself.

“While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned.” Which Americans? The ones that believe in self-defense? That’s everyone. Every American at their core, and every human for that matter, believes that when someone is trying to hurt or kill you, they can defend themself from the threat. There’s no question about that. The means of self-defense may differ from person to person, but self-defense is a deep-rooted human behavior. Just look at Twitter for an example. Anytime someone has their beliefs threatened, they defend themselves. That’s with words, but if given a chance, every single person would defend their beliefs to the core.

“Myself included.” What Biden is saying is that he believes Rittenhouse is guilty of a double murder and assault. According to Biden’s statements, he believes Rittenhouse is a White supremacist, but Rittenhouse didn’t harm any Black American at all. In fact, with each person Rittenhouse shot, he tried to allow them to stop. He was running each time until he was attacked and fell to the ground. Then, he was at an even greater self-defense advantage when testifying in court.

The case shows a clear sign that Americans want each other to defend themselves and each other in any way they see fit. The case was hosted in Kenosha, where the riots happened in 2020. It may have been a good call because those citizens experienced what the riots were like when they happened. They saw the destruction left behind after the screams stopped, and they knew that their community deserved protection.