Biden Lurches to the Center for the Midterms — No One Is Buying It

With the midterms looming, President Biden recently proposed a budget that purports to lower the deficit, increase military funding, and set aside funds for police. It might seem like a surprising tack to the middle unless you look at what both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did at the same time in their presidencies. Like his predecessors, Biden is attempting to provide political cover for Democrats who are facing elections this fall. Unfortunately for the President, he is not in the same position as former office holders trying to do the same.

Inflation is at historic levels not seen in 40 years. Consumer confidence dropped to an all-time low last year before the current inflationary woes. Biden’s constant gaffes are threatening to get us into World War III and his energy prices have caused the highest gas prices on record. Changing funding for different programs in one year is not going to change consumer reaction every time they go to the pump.

Members of his party see the writing on the wall. Members of Congress up for reelection are distancing themselves from the President. The administration has even pulled Obama out of retirement to stop the bleeding. The only problem with this move is that it reveals people’s attitude about President Biden.

No one thinks Biden is in charge, even at the White House and the rats are fleeing the ship. Jen Psaki is ignoring ethics laws and negotiating an exit deal with MSNBC. House retirements are the most in 30 years. Biden’s poll numbers continue to crater.

Even if the President’s budget had the potential to improve his parties’ prospects in the midterms, all the oxygen in the news cycle is being sucked up by the war in Ukraine. This does not help Biden because even as his party bangs the war drums, 58% of Americans oppose military action in Ukraine and a huge number do not trust Biden to handle the crisis. As long as the war dominates the news cycle Biden will not be able to move the needle on his agenda or Democrats chances in the midterms. His move to the center is failing like the rest of his agenda.