Biden ‘Loves Vacations’ Even More Than Jen Psaki Thinks He Does

President Joe Biden doesn’t want to do his job anymore. Did he ever want to do it, to begin with? It’s clear that Biden hides in Wilmington, Delaware, but it is shocking for him to admit it

While Press Secretary Jen Psaki makes excuses for Biden by making statements like, “If Biden were standing here today, he would say we never give him any free time or any time to think,” but everyone can see the truth. Biden is a hot mess and can’t handle himself anymore. Biden has also spent almost a third of his presidency in Delaware, giving him plenty of time to think and clear his head.

But, Biden doesn’t want to be anywhere else. He would rather skirt his responsibility to the American people he begged for than do his job in the White House.

Biden said, “She mentioned something that reminded me of something I miss. ‘It’s so lovely to be back in Ohio,’ she said. No, I’m serious. ‘Perhaps you’re the only one here who understands that every chance I have, I go home to Delaware,’ I added. You believe I’m joking. I am not.”

That is what the President of the United States believes about every individual. He thinks more of illegal immigrants.

Biden should address the nation more. Many questions aren’t being answered, and if you’re used to a President like former President Donald Trump, who constantly addressed the nation on a variety of topics and spent hours answering questions from reporters, this is a new wave of “don’t ask me and I won’t lie to you” kind of presidency.

Psaki’s statements and Biden’s statements are directly contradictory to each other. Someone needs to get the entire federal government on board with each other because nobody has a clue what’s going on. It’s like a puppet government, and each section has no clue what’s going on in the others. Are they playing a game here?

There wasn’t even a clear delineation between the crack pipe bill, which was initially projected to hand out pipes to smoke various drugs, and then they changed tunes once people got upset about it. Of course, they get upset about it. Like the federal government, you can’t hand out $30 million to solve racial inequity, and not have people get upset about it. It’s also very racist to assume that one race would need crack pipes more than the next.

Republicans are fighting back against the initiative, and Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC) tweeted:

This Administration is even more incompetent than initially suspected.