Biden Losing Huge Support Among This Key Demographics, Democrat Mayors Call Him Out

President Joe Biden is taking heat from all sides, even his own. Democrats are showing disapproval of Biden’s job as president, and his approval rating is plummeting as he fails at everything he’s supposed to do as President of the United States. 

The world is looking at the United States and laughing. Biden is undoubtedly doing all of this for the purpose of the southern border crisis to the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, suggesting the IRS look into every transaction of $600 or more. 

Another Mayor has come out against Biden, saying that his border policy is a disaster. Laredo, Texas Mayor Pete Saenz said that Biden isn’t protecting the southern border and that illegal immigrants are overrunning the country. The South of Texas cities are being hit the worst, and Biden doesn’t care. He’s allowing Vice President Kamala Harris to take no action when she was the one put in charge of the southern border, to begin with. 

Saenz even said that former President Trump’s border policy was working, and he wants it reinstated. Biden can’t run from his problems, and hopefully, he won’t be able to ignore them for much longer. 

Biden needs to realize that he can’t treat Texas as he would any other state. Texas has the burden of the southern border that has to be protected. Even though “woke” Democrat politicians and citizens may want illegal immigrants to enter the United States in waves, it doesn’t work for Texas. Texas sees large crime waves. According to KHOU11, Houston, Texas, sees a 35% increase in homicides compared to 2020. That can’t continue to happen, and if Biden doesn’t do anything to fix it, the problem will persist. 

Even though Mayor Saenz is a Democrat, he isn’t staying silent about the border crisis. He said that the problem was much better under Trump is a massive step for conservatism among Democrat politicians. Mayor Saenz noted that it should never be the state or local government’s job to address the border crisis. The federal government should handle it. He also said that local resources were going toward the medical and humanitarian issues associated with the southern border, hurting the area’s people. 

Not only resources but also local farmers. Plenty of trail cams have caught illegal immigrants roaming farmland, and tons of vehicles have been broken into. 

The crisis continues as the Biden administration does nothing to fix it. Where is Harris when you need her? Flipping the coin at football games.