Biden Just Said The ‘Most Outrageous Thing’ To Cover For Hunter Again

Americans are genuinely curious if President Biden’s administration is corrupt, and Hunter Biden’s art sale is a sure way to see the whole picture.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Joe covered for Hunter, back when Joe was vice president to former President Barack Obama, he had a lead investigator who was looking into Hunter and Burisma, an energy company, fired. He said it was because of corruption, but the timing and the inevitable outcome weren’t anything but astonishing. Of course, Hunter was never charged with anything.

Hunter was also being investigated for tax violations when Joe’s 2020 presidential campaign was underway. David Weiss, the attorney general in Delaware, said that he halted the investigation because he didn’t want it to seem political. That’s a joke.

Hunter’s artwork is up for sale, and potential buyers met with Hunter in Los Angeles, California. Around 200 people attended the event and took pictures with Hunter. Of course, it is what the Biden administration said wouldn’t happen. They claimed that the artwork would be sold anonymously, but the upstanding ethical character isn’t Biden’s name.

At up to $500,000, you could also own a piece of Hunter’s artwork and maybe get a deal with Joe himself if you work that into the agreement.

A reporter questions the ethical standard and potential corruption of the art deals, and he said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

On top of the question of possible corruption, another reporter asked how Joe’s allergies were the days of reporting are dead.

Joe laughed it off as if it was a joke, but it’s not even close to funny. If you replace Joe Biden and Hunter Biden with Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr., you’ll get the picture that things aren’t exactly fair for Republicans versus Democrats.

Even Press Secretary Jen Psaki is in on the scam. When pressed with corruption and ethical violations, Psaki directed the reporters to the art gallery and suggested they ask the gallerist. That’s a question that Psaki should be able to answer rather than divert to someone else. It’s shameful that she can’t even give a direct answer.

Psaki also said that the White House gave suggestions on conducting the sales, but obviously, that doesn’t matter to Hunter. He’s above the law and above ethical questioning. But if that was the case, where is his laptop that he told a prostitute was stolen by Ukrainian drug dealers? What about all of his emails? What about his tax violations? Is anyone going to hold Hunter accountable, or are we just going to let this one slide?

It’s ridiculous and shameful that Americans have to watch this type of behavior at the top leadership positions of the United States. Still, parents will be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations if they act out of line at school board meetings. The country is going downhill, and this “classist” system of justice forming under the Democrat party will cause an uproar if they aren’t careful. Americans are watching, and it’s not going unnoticed.