Biden Just Did This ‘Gross Thing’ While At Speaking Engagement In New Jersey

Is Covid-19 still around, or is it not? President Joe Biden’s administration and many Democrats need to verify this with Americans because they behave as if it’s not and then tell you it is. So, which is it? 

Many Democrats, including Terry McAuliffe, running for Virginia Governor, have been caught breaking the rules. Now Biden did too when he and Jill Biden were seen in a restaurant without a mask on while walking around, ultimately disobeying the orders of Washington, D.C. Something he would have, and has, scorned others for doing.

Biden recently ended a speech in New Jersey with a cough and some handshakes with that same hand. Now, you can’t make it up. It happened. There used to be a suggestion from Dr. Anthony Fauci about not shaking hands during the Covid-19 pandemic, and Democrats are still acting as though the pandemic is still happening, but with cases lowering and more people getting the Covid-19 vaccine that still isn’t approved by the FDA, shouldn’t we be safer than ever? 

It’s not clear if Biden even believes there’s still a pandemic going on or if he remembers Covid-19 at all. He sure can’t remember telling the same story over and over, and his speeches are getting a bit messy as he mentally declines in front of our eyes. 

Biden claimed that he conversed with an Amtrak worker and said, “And Ang walks up to me and goes, ‘Joey, baby!’ Grabs my cheek. And I thought the Secret Service was going to blow his head off.”

First of all, the Secret Service would have known this man if Biden was being even remotely truthful. They would have known their relationship and had no concern of harm from the man. That already tells you it’s a lie. 

According to the Associated Press fact check, that’s incorrect. They claim that Angelo Nigri, the man Biden referred to, had been deceased when Biden racked up 1.2 million miles on Air Force 2. 

There’s another lie that Biden tells, yet we’re supposed to believe him when he tells us the spending packages will cost zero dollars and we’re in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated?” Come on. It is getting ridiculous. 

Say what you want about fact checks, but this can be verified. No conspiracy that will become true at a later date.