Biden Just Defended The Indefensible As More Americans Are Out Of Work

The accomplishments of some are the downfall of many, while Democrats lavish the fact that Americans are getting fired for not abiding by the Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Didn’t President Joe Biden brag about his job creation numbers? Do you remember the ones where he missed the estimated mark by 300,000? But now, he wants to brag about the fact that Americans are losing their jobs because of his ridiculous medical tyranny.  

In Elk Grove Village, Illinois, where Biden visited his $260,000 donor’s job site, he said, “Here’s the deal, these requirements are already proving that they work.” Biden’s definition of “work” is essential here. The Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of Covid-19, and it doesn’t prevent someone from being infected by Covid-19. The illusion that a vaccinated person is immune to Covid-19 is the absolute lie. When Biden says the mandates “work,” he means that it forced people to get vaccinated when they were initially hesitant about it.  

Biden continued by saying that when he began the mandates, 95 million eligible Americans weren’t vaccinated in July, but now that number has been reduced to 67 million. Biden didn’t accomplish anything. By the way, he only forced the American’s hand.  

Suppose you allow the government to force you to do something when they find out one thing. You’re easily controlled. The government doesn’t sit back and look at the positive nature of its mandates. They understand that if they endanger the livelihoods of millions of Americans, they will succumb to pressure rather than stand up for what they believe in.

Biden continued, “For example, the Department of Defense has gone from 67% of active-duty forces being vaccinated to 97% as of tomorrow. Vaccination just six weeks into this vaccination requirement, that’s how quickly it’s moved.” The Department of Defense hasn’t recognized the few military troops that have died from Covid-19, and any institution fails to see that the Covid-19 virus has an overall death rate of 1.6%.  

He also noted that Rush University Medical Center went from 72% to over 95% of their employees being vaccinated.  

If you believe that your Covid-19 vaccine isn’t working and you’re so fearful of someone who isn’t vaccinated that you shake, you should either get a refund or get six more vaccines. This hilarious story comes from the Chicago Sun-Times speaking out of Chicago, and it’s worth the read. It’s unclear if it’s a joke or if it’s real. 

There are a few reasons this story is hilarious. One is that the demand for the disclosure of vaccine status is ridiculous and intrusive, and two, if you’re vaccinated, stop worrying about others.  

Biden’s mandates aren’t allowing free choice in our society. Covid-19 is an actual virus with accurate statistics. The statistics don’t match the panic and paranoia associated with the mandates.  

“When you see headlines and reports of mass firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story.” Actual words that a socialist dictator spoke. Biden deserves no respect from any American. There’s nothing that America needs more than a leader who values freedom and freedom of choice. This piece of garbage that’s in the White House needs to be impeached immediately. Those aren’t words that the President of the United States needs to speak. Ever.