Biden Is Hiding Out Again This Weekend

President Joe Biden is on vacation again, just like always. Interestingly, he keeps taking vacations while Press Secretary Jen Psaki says that the visitor logs for his Wilmington, Delaware home won’t be released. What is he hiding?  

Honestly, the most significant part of Biden’s getaways is probably medical-related because it’s clear that he has severe cognitive decline. Biden seems much better toward the beginning of the week than the end. Sometimes he even goes early. Biden is hiding from the obvious. Job numbers over 300,000 worse than expected, the southern border that’s getting worse, and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that isn’t going to escape accountability.  

Biden promised transparency in the White House and blamed former President Donald Trump for not being transparent enough. Trump took questions from the press constantly, especially when things went wrong. During the beginning of Covid-19, Trump would talk to the press for hours at a time, but Biden only took questions from hand-selected reports with approved questions. When is Biden’s “transparency” going to happen?  

Examining the withdrawal from Afghanistan, you can see that Biden completely lied to the American people about the Taliban’s progress and how many Americans were in Afghanistan and how many are still there.  

Biden has a lot to run from, including the Democrats turning on him. Two key Democrats aren’t going along with his ridiculous spending bills, and more may be turning on him but haven’t disclosed their vote.  

His poll numbers are something to run from. His approval rating is 38% even though independent voters are tired of him. Maybe he is more transparent than Americans would be able to determine their support. His speeches are constantly filled with rhetoric that divides the country rather than unifies, as he promised. He can’t hide any of this. Just because he was in his basement during the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t mean Americans forgot what he said.  

Biden likes to quote the percentage of employees at businesses that have taken the Covid-19 vaccine with job numbers. He doesn’t seem to realize that firing employees who aren’t immunized raises the percentage. It’s common sense. So, next time Biden says that 99% or 100% of employees at a particular company are vaccinated, that’s not an accomplishment. That’s because they fired anyone who didn’t get vaccinated. That’s not something to be proud of.