Biden is Being Urged to Stop Federalizing Elections

Since the 2020 presidential election, concerns about voter fraud in America have lingered. Many people have serious worries that elections going forward are either already compromised or at risk of being compromised.

At the same time, these concerns are routinely dismissed by the left. In fact, when GOP-led states pass laws designed to maintain election security, Democrats accuse them of voter suppression.

This narrative of voter suppression therefore led to Democrats backing measures that would essentially give the federal government control over state-level elections.

Recently, Joe Biden signed an executive order that significantly increases the federal government’s role in elections across the country. Now, more than one dozen Republican secretaries of states are demanding for Biden to walk back this executive action.

GOP Secretaries of State on Federalizing Elections
15 Republican secretaries of state wrote to Biden, calling on him to shut down an executive order that demands federal organizations to involve themselves in voter registration initiatives and other forms of outreach.

Naturally, this executive order also doesn’t stop these organizations from aligning with left-wing activist groups, either.

In the letter, the president is reminded of the Constitution’s clear declaration that state legislatures are the bodies responsible for determining how state-level elections are run.

Therefore, GOP secretaries of state maintain that Biden is overstepping his bounds as president and completely disregarding what the nation’s Founding Fathers set into place.

Unfortunately, neither Biden nor anyone in his administration has indicated a willingness to walk back the executive order designed to federalize elections. GOP officials may therefore find themselves needing to take legal action in order to seriously block Biden’s executive order.

More Work to Federalize Elections
Biden’s executive action that inserts federal organizations into state-level elections isn’t the only avenue being employed to take over political races.

Democrats have been consistently supportive of bills like the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Despite the names of this legislation, they aren’t amenable to free and fair elections whatsoever.

If Democrats got these bills passed, voter ID laws would crumble and states would be essentially powerless to have a say in how their elections are run.

Of course, in their work to federalize elections, supporters of these bills claim their opponents are just trying to suppress the vote.