Biden Is Being Controlled: GOP Senator Unveils Group He Thinks Puppets The President

The federal government has entered the property management stage over the eviction moratorium extensions, and everyone has noticed. Quite a few lawsuits are underway against President Biden and his administration and the Supreme Court has already said Biden’s administration broke the law with the eviction moratorium.

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) spoke to Fox News saying, “You can tell President Biden is being controlled by the far left of the Democratic party. A bunch of them decided they couldn’t get their way of keeping this moratorium going, so they slept out on the Capitol steps for a few nights. And of course, that’s how the Democrats are doing it, you know, they’re kinda pushing their agenda because if they don’t like what’s going on, they’re going to try to get somebody else to do it by some other means.”

Tuberville told Fox News that property owners have to pay their rent too and noted that almost all property owners across the country aren’t billionaires. They’re ordinary people who have to pay bills and contribute to society. Still, the Biden administration stopped their ability to do that.

It’s almost like the Biden admission has a way for wealth distribution from the middle class to the lower class and from all categories to the upper class. Major corporations were allowed to conduct business while small businesses, that’s primarily made up of the middle class, were shut down and weren’t allowed to do business at all. If they did, they were arrested and fined thousands of dollars.

This economic reset has devastated economic development and strength by penalizing Americans for working but allowing billions of dollars in imports to be sold across the nation. Biden is being controlled by too many radical leftists and doesn’t ruin his party. Vice President Kamala Harris has had more authority than Biden and has been guiding him through press conferences and reminding him to put a mask on.

Biden tells the American people that things are getting better but doesn’t make it better. Not that we need the government to make things better, but when the government actively stops us from making a better life for ourselves, we can’t move forward. Unemployment checks are still being sent out, but somehow renters can’t pay, and mortgages were still due during the pandemic. It is leading to millions being evicted for nonpayment when the time comes. That clogs up the court system more than before and provides little relief for property owners moving forward. In many circumstances, they won’t get back pay when renters are evicted, which causes them to get behind. If the bank forecloses, nobody has a home.

Going against the Supreme Court is dismantling our separation of powers at the top level of government. It’s a dictator mindset. But it will lead to Biden being impeached if it doesn’t stop. Maybe there’s light at the end of this dark tunnel.