Hunter Biden Receives VERDICT Around 2018 Firearm Purchase

Hunter Biden

President Joe Biden is suffering from extreme distress due to his son, Hunter Biden’s, recent trial, where he was found guilty on all counts of his 2018 firearm purchase. This includes making false statements during the purchase of a firearm, making a false statement on the information required by a federally licensed gun dealer, and possessing a firearm while being addicted to a controlled substance.

The evidence came earlier this year when Hunter Biden’s laptop resurfaced, riddled with documents and photos proving he falsified his firearm application along with the substance abuse.

According to an Axios report, this isn’t the first time President Biden has suffered from the negative media attention his family receives. Given Biden’s immense emotional damage and stress, some of his close aides have even questioned how things might’ve turned out had Biden not run for president. Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, also shared her concerns about his presidential run in her memoir, “Growing Up Biden.” In it, she outlines the potential impact running for president could have on the entire family, including Hunter, the grandchildren, and Joe himself.

Prior to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, his son and daughter, Hunter and Ashley Biden, were heavily criticized by the media in light of facing addiction challenges. Given the Biden family’s particularly negative relationship with the media, this trial could be resurfacing some of those feelings of distress.

Another source told Axios that President Biden is greatly affected by his children’s struggles. He recently told a close associate, “If I weren’t running for re-election, he would have gotten the plea deal.” This is in reference to Hunter Biden’s plea deal that fell through in July 2023.

President Biden and his son exchange a hug after the guilty verdict is delivered.

With the stress and repercussions of the trial, there are concerns that Hunter and Ashley are at risk of relapse. 

With the guilty verdict, Hunter Biden faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. But, given his relationship to such a major political figure, he’s not expected to receive the maximum penalty. In response to the verdict, President Biden has stated he wouldn’t pardon his son but has not ruled out the possibility of commuting his sentence.