Biden Has ‘Zero Plans’ To Fire Any Officials Over The Afghanistan Disaster

No accountability exists in the Joe Biden White House, and it shows more every day. Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a disaster, and the question remains, who will be held accountable?

The answer is nobody, at least not yet. Biden is so confident that his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and how he’s done it was the only way that was possible. Biden’s administration doesn’t seem to think so. According to many news sources, the Biden administration was warned that the Afghanistan military would collapse, and Fox News reported that the Biden administration ignored military advice.

The blame-shifting that Biden has been doing is the worst example of leadership the United States has seen in a long time. Biden doesn’t want to hold anyone accountable because he’s the one responsible. If he blames anybody, the blame will inevitably be shifted back to him, and he knows it.

Biden didn’t plan the Afghanistan withdrawal overnight. It took months of planning and strategizing. That’s why this is so frustrating. The majority of the Democrat party is turning on Biden, and there’s already talk of investigations into the actions Biden took.

Despite warnings from United States allies and parliament holding Biden in contempt, Biden still stands by his decision. This man has no self-awareness or remorse for the situation he created. While Germany, France, and Britain rescue their people, the United States won’t allow their troops outside the Kabul Airport. Biden said that the same result would have happened even if the decision was made to evacuate months ago, but that’s not true. Biden removed thousands of troops from Afghanistan before evacuating United States citizens and allies. As soon as the United States military was at a detrimentally low level, the Taliban seized their opportunity to take over Kabul.

Months ago, the Taliban began their rampage through Afghanistan, taking over city after city. The intelligence was in front of Biden’s face, yet he decided to wait until the last minute to begin the evacuation.

The Taliban said there would be retaliation if the United States weren’t out of Afghanistan before August 31st, 2021. Biden’s original goal was that no troops would be in Afghanistan after September 11th, 2021. It means that the Taliban is giving orders to the United States, which will not turn out well, but it’s unclear who.

We have U.S. citizens behind enemy lines, Afghan allies behind enemy lines, and thousands of innocent women and children. The United States military is hands-off during the violent takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. What can go wrong, right? Everything will go wrong. Thousands will be killed, and if Americans are left in Afghanistan, they’ll be executed or held prisoner. Biden needs to act with authentic leadership.