Biden Gives Hypocritical Order for Unvaccinated Foreign Visitors

Since the COVID shot has been offered to people across the globe, those who decided to remain unvaccinated have found themselves highly discriminated against.

Whether it has been being banned from restaurants, losing their jobs or being unable to travel, the unvaccinated have faced the fury of government overreach into their medical freedoms.

President Joe Biden and his administration are pressured to stop the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s prohibition on unvaccinated foreign visitors.

As the November midterm elections get closer, Democrats are reigning in their tyranny in hopes of getting more votes and virus precautions are lessening.

The CDC has been hindering people from entering the United States based solely on their vaccine status. Yet, ironically, the government has no issue with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming through the southern border.

Republicans have aimed at the Biden administration’s refusal to keep Title 42, which would send away migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump launched the health order in 2020 to try and curb foreign coronavirus spread. However, the Biden administration swiftly halted it once in office, which shows the utter hypocrisy of the unvaccinated foreigner regulations.

Notable Tennis player Novak Djokovic from Serbia made headlines after being banned from playing in the U.S. Open and highlighted the absurdity of such regulations.

Dr. Joel Zinberg, director of the Paragon Health Institute’s Public Health and American Well-Being Initiative, called the CDC’s guidelines “outdated” and “should be ended.”

He is a general and oncologic surgeon who discussed the double standard being set with coronavirus being under control. If citizens can travel unmasked and unvaccinated at this point, there are no logical reasons why noncitizens cannot, according to Dr. Zinberg.

“The benefits of vaccination in terms of limiting transmission are small in the age of omicron, which is highly transmissible regardless of vaccination status,” the doctor told Washington Examiner.

“People who are affected by these kinds of policies often look to see whether things are being done consistently,” the University of Georgia’s Center for Health and Risk Communication director, Glen Nowak, said. “If you’re inconsistent, that can damage your credibility.”