Biden Gets Redirected by Easter Bunny

Someone dressed in a full-body Easter Bunny costume hopped in to shuffle Joe Biden away from people asking him questions during the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday afternoon.

A reporter appeared to be asking Biden a question about U.S. policy regarding Afghanistan and Pakistan when the bunny on duty cut off the discussion by moving in and directing the president away from the crowd gathered at the fence around the egg roll site.

Someone in the group helpfully exclaimed, “Oh, the Easter Bunny!” when it was time for Biden to move along.

Biden gave a look of apparent shock upon being interrupted by the Easter Bunny before being carefully guided away. Reporters have been told that the president was needed elsewhere on the White House lawn to blow a whistle signaling the start of one of the rounds of the egg-rolling competition.

The bunny made other public appearances on Monday after the egg roll, including at the White House briefing room podium just before press secretary Jen Psaki entered the room to conduct the day’s briefing.

There has not been any official statement to confirm who was inside the bunny suit. However, White House press official Meghan Hays seemed to confirm that she was wearing the costume in a tweet posting a photo she said showed her wearing the suit either just before or after the egg roll.

Hays is the director of message planning and is seen by the White House press corps as the person most responsible for limiting access to Biden during public appearances.

Since assuming office, Biden regularly refers vaguely to being prohibited from answering questions. He also often refers to which reporters “they’ have told him he may call upon for questions.

There have been occasions during the Biden administration when the president has been abruptly cut off from press questions. Last September, the president’s media feed was cut off without warning as he was delivering a briefing on wildfires alongside federal and state officials.

As Biden was cut off mid-sentence, the livestream image was replaced by a message reading “THANK YOU FOR JOINING.”