Biden Falls Asleep During Nephews Wedding, Then Does Something Embarrassing

It’s getting tough to explain just how bad President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is embarrassing the United States. “Sleepy Joe” is becoming more than just a name for Biden, and it’s becoming a reality. Biden always appears to be tired and always seems to nod off.  

Biden fell asleep at his nephew’s wedding, and according to Jack Posobiec, when he woke up, he refused to eat anything besides Capriotti’s, a sandwich shop in Wilmington, Delaware. Posobeic said that Biden was asleep “chin-to-chest” while at the wedding.

Biden’s evident cognitive decline in his personal life is a sign that his professional life cognitive decline isn’t “fake news.” Biden can’t hide it, and Jill Biden has to step in and stop the madness that’s going on in the White House. Does she think Americans are dumb and won’t notice or that all of it can be explained away?  

Biden also stammered through a speech saying “Ohio Pennsylvania,” then repeated it jokingly and corrected himself, saying, “I’m from Pennsylvania. The President of Illinois.” Biden was trying to say “The Illinois President Don Harmon,” but that isn’t correct. Don Harmon is the President of the Illinois Senate. There is not a President of Illinois.  

Posobeic also said that Jill Biden took “a stern, caretaker tone with him when he’s groggy.” It seems that the first lady is in charge more than we thought.  

It’s of great concern that Biden acts this way. He’s not all there, and therefore he isn’t capable of leading the United States on the world stage. John Kerry recently said that “Biden wasn’t aware that the French were upset about not being included in the submarine deal with the United Kingdom and Australia.” Imagine being so out of touch that you forget to include countries that have been U.S. allies for so many years. It’s frightening that Biden could be making some severe enemies out of countries who have had the United States’ best interest in mind.