Biden Doubles Down On Afghanistan Withdrawal Amid Taliban Resurgence

Thanks to US President Joe Biden, Afghanistan is facing a catastrophe whose hasty decision to have the US military forces retrieve from Afghanistan. Biden had ordered the US generals to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan as early as August 31st and officially ended its operations on July 31st.

Biden has defended his rushed decision to have the US Military Troops withdraw from Afghanistan, saying that they were not deployed there for nation-building. The longer they stay there, the more casualties there will be. He also highlighted that the sons and daughters of the American nation are fighting a war that the Afghanistan forces should fight. He also declared that the Afghani troops had been trained and equipped with state-of-the-art military appliances to prepare against the Taliban attacks fully. $1 trillion has been spent training these Afghani forces for the past 20 years of US militancy in Afghanistan.

The US Troops’ hasty withdrawal has resulted in the Taliban’s resurgence, resulting in 65% of the Afghani lands under Taliban’s control after the recent attacks. The Afghani forces could not stand the Taliban’s attacks and had to fall back, which the military generals warned about Biden. Now they have control over more than half of the country, and the government is going through a massive crisis.

Biden is very well aware of the whole situation and has ensured that the US will continue to provide with every aid possible, including weapons, food, payments, or even airstrikes, to help the forces fighting on land. But having the troops withdraw from the country is one of the most stupid decisions made by Biden. The process could have been carried out gradually to restore the country’s sustenance abilities. Still, the hassle has left a void in the country, which the Taliban is now occupied with.