Biden DHS Secretary Says More Illegal Immigrants Will Cross Southern Border Because Of Global Change

The Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said that more illegal immigrants would cross the border but didn’t mention how to ease the flow. Vice President Kamala Harris sure isn’t doing anything, so what’s the federal government’s plan?

The craziest part of Mayorkas’ statement is that he blamed it on “global change.” That’s not a good excuse, but it may be the reason it’s happening. The point is it needs to be regulated. It’s not “anti-humanitarian,” it’s providing safety to the United States and the citizens that live here.

If Haiti is an excellent example of what “global change” means, it’s not the weather but the fall of a country. Haitian immigrants are still at the southern border, with more on the way. Jorge Ventura has been interviewing people on the Mexican side of the wall, and they’ve been saying that they left Haiti because of the failed government and constant chaos in the country.

Ventura said that Mayorkas said that the border was closed, but it appears to be wide open. What is Mayorkas lying about?

When President Joe Biden first took office, the first thing was seen as illegal immigrants with shirts that said: “Biden Please Let Us In.” People know that Democrats aren’t tough on border security, or anything else for that matter, other than free speech and gun ownership.

DHS said that increases in border crossings would likely need more personnel to handle it. That’s the government’s competence at this point? More “customers” means you need more “employees.” That’s not a complex concept to understand.

If it passes, the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill is supposed to have billions of dollars to give immigration status to millions of illegal immigrants.

According to a CNN interview, 212,000 illegal immigrants tried to cross the southern border in July, setting a 20 year high. It is met with tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants at the border in the coming weeks. Nobody knows what that will hold and how the federal government will react. Still, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is ramping up his border defense by charging illegal immigrants with trespass when coming across. It will give a better chance of documenting them and determining who is coming into the United States.

From a humanitarian standpoint, there should be immigration, and the process should be a bit quicker. The majority of immigrants are law-abiding people that work hard and contribute to society. Those migrants shouldn’t make way for criminals, drug traffickers, and human traffickers to get into the United States, and climate should never be an excuse for letting as many people in as possible.

The “economic boom” is also an expected result of the immigration crisis and many available jobs.

GOP Governors call for Mayorkas to resign because of the extra drugs coming across the border, causing American citizens’ deaths.