Biden Rabble Rousers Americans In Unusual Presser

President Joe Biden made his claims of fame as expected as the infrastructure bill passed. Biden has been excited about the bills he’s pushed forward because he desperately needs an accomplishment. He’s like a bad sports team that loses the entire season and celebrates their first win just before playoffs. It’s sad, and he needs to resign.  

Biden said, “We’re going to build out the first-ever national network of charging stations all across the country over 500,000 0f them so that you can make a real and, you know, auto companies committed they were going to make 50 percent of vehicles electric by 2030.”  

The vehicle manufacturers are keeping up with Tesla and others while they’re falling behind. If the chip shortage shows you anything, the times aren’t ready for electric vehicles, and Chevrolet Volts keep catching on fire. So, let me know this is a good thing, and I’ll tell you that you might be wrong. 

Chevrolet has a new recall in effect, so this will be rough times for vehicle manufacturers. Some electric vehicles may be preferable for families to avoid until their performance is up to par.

Biden also said, “The bill is fiscally responsible. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s fully paid for. It reduces the deficit, according to leading economists in this country, over the long-term.” 

If that was the case, why tax people who make $400,000 or more and expand the IRS? It should be unnecessary if the bill is paid for unless that’s how it gets paid. We all know that it is. It doesn’t matter what Biden says at this point.  

The following statement Biden made proves the previous paragraph’s point. “And it’s paid for by making sure that the wealthiest Americans, the biggest corporations, begin to pay their fair share.”  

Well, there you go folks, Biden and his entire administration are gambling with the wealthy to ensure that the bills are paid. What if the rich among us decide to leave? What then? Then it’s our responsibility to pay for it.  

“Zero in taxes? Come on.” That’s what Biden’s bottom line is. He claims that he’s not a socialist but a capitalist. Biden is becoming a socialist. The rich are the first step. Then it’s going to lower to the middle class then low class. There’s no stopping the spending, so the taxes have to be raised. There’s no other way politicians plan to pay for this ridiculous spending.  

Then, during the questions that Biden rarely takes, he was asked about compensation for illegal aliens separated from their children when they were placed under arrest.  

So now are all criminals going to get compensated because they had their kids taken away? The circumstance is especially alarming because there are situations where parents don’t deserve to have their child. What if the illegal alien harmed a border patrol officer and the child was taken to the Department of Social Services because they were in prison? Is there going to be compensation in that circumstance? The point is, they broke the law to come into the country. The children were taken when everyone was placed in holding cells. Could there be extreme circumstances? Sure. Is that all the circumstances? Not.