Biden Defense Secretary Gives Shocking Answer Directed At Soldiers Who Resist Mandate

When it comes to the United States military, the Covid-19 deaths are extremely low. Out of the 185,581 cases of military and contractor Covid-19 cases, 95 resulted in a death. That’s a .05% chance of death among military and military contractors. Those numbers exclude civilian personnel, which should be excluded from the total numbers associated with Covid-19.  

The push for military members to get the Covid-19 vaccination is beyond scientifically necessary. But remember, “follow the science.”  

The general population has a 1.6% overall death rate with 43.6 million cases and 701,000 deaths. Given that statistic, the general population has a 3.125 times higher death rate than their military counterparts.  

What are we doing as a country? Military personnel are essential, especially now. The Taliban controls Afghanistan, and U.S. allies don’t have confidence in the U.S.’s ability to logistically and strategically encounter threats around the world after President Joe Biden’s awful withdrawal from Afghanistan that left hundreds, maybe thousands, of U.S. citizens and allies in Afghanistan and resulted in the death of 13 military service members and an unknown death count of Afghanistan citizens. Kicking military members out of the military because they choose not to take the Covid-19 vaccine would put the U.S. in a dangerous place and give China, Russia, and even the Taliban a more substantial area to attack.  

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was asked about the Covid-19 vaccine mandates for military members. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) asked if Austin was against dishonorable discharges for military members who refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Austin responded that the military has a UCMJ that deals with all of the issues in the military and that they give leadership what they need to enforce standards. Austin also said that taking a vaccine is a requirement and said, “I’ll just leave it at that.” 

Austin is the Secretary of Defense. His answer is very telling. It tells Americans that he doesn’t know. Just like his Democrat companions, Austin is diverting answers.  

Is there ever going to be a time where people go in front of the House and Senate and answer questions truthfully? We’ve seen Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Anthony Fauci, General Mark Milley, Secretary of Defense Austin, and plenty of others that are all Democrats and won’t answer questions. Republicans do the same, but the most recent examples are all Democrats with serious questions.  

Tuberville and several Republicans introduced a bill that would ban the Department of Defense from handing out dishonorable discharges if a service member doesn’t want to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Congressman Mark Green was able to pass an amendment that would protect service members from dishonorable discharge for remaining unvaccinated.  

Science is natural, and science should be considered when mandating the Covid-19 vaccine. Science is being ignored, and if it continues, Democrats will have the power to put any measure they want. That’s dangerous to Americans, not because it’s the Democrats, but because any political figure that can mandate you put something in your body regardless of science is difficult to freedom and breaks down the reason for bodily autonomy.