Biden Declines Details On Family Loan Agreement

President Joe Biden is refusing to hand over information on a purported loan agreement with his brother James, according to the House Oversight Committee. The information comes as the committee has discovered at least $240,000 in payments sent to the president.

The committee released a statement on social media stating that the “White House today made clear to us that President Biden is refusing to hand over loan documents for any “loans” he provided to his brother, James Biden.”

The concern of the committee stems from two checks of $200,000 and $40,000 from James Biden and his wife Sara to the president. Each check had “loan repayment” written in the memo.

The committee asserted that the payments were “funded by laundered China money and influence peddling schemes.”

The Republican legislators questioned whether or not the White House’s refusal to release information met Biden’s earlier promise to run the “most transparent administration in history.”

“We won’t be stopped by the President’s stonewalling,” the committee wrote. “We’ll continue to follow the money, expose President Biden’s corruption and deliver accountability.”

Separately, the committee said that it was “time” for the national media to report on what it described as “one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) further argued that the loan repayment showed that Biden was not telling the truth in the 2020 campaign when he said that his family had not received money from China.

Both James Biden and the president’s son Hunter controlled companies that received millions in funds from Chinese sources.

Comer wrote that Biden “continues to lie now.”

The committee chairman had earlier argued that the payments from a Chinese company tied to the country’s ruling Communist Party was then laundered through James Biden to the president.

The payment from the CEFC China Energy Co. to the Biden family also came as the House Oversight Committee revealed other payments from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and Romania to those around the president.