Biden COVID Advisor Admits Basic Truth That The Admin Has Failed To Say For Months

During the briefing today, Jen Psaki did not hold back. She claimed she didn’t expect them to press for fresh coronavirus lockdowns, but she did nothing to exclude them. Additionally, this was also the same group of people who said that they do not need to wear a mask once someone gets vaccinated. Unfortunately, how many times have they flip-flopped while dictating it to the people? And if someone were attempting to keep consistent their guidelines, it would drive people insane because Biden’s administration appears to change their minds constantly.

However, will the Biden group possibly release another piece of simply infuriating annoying information soon? Although the country is in a situation of uncertainty, President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 adviser, Michael Osterholm, who’s also the Director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, acknowledges it. Furthermore, in his subsequent remarks, he highlighted that they now know that many of the face cloths that people wear are ineffective in preventing virus migration, either into or out of the body, regardless of whether people are breathing out or into the body. Additionally, he suggested that better masking is something that needed to be discussed.

Aside from that, anyone who has paid attention to the facts rather than Biden’s demands would see that what he said is accurate. However, the Biden party has not stated this explicitly in its official rules, which is critical given that they are reinstating mask mandates for even those vaccinated. When Biden does wear a mask, it is generally made of cloth. That’s what they mean when they say “effective.” Strangely, they haven’t been open about the facts.

Consequently, Biden has been promoting disruptive behaviors, as his advisor acknowledges. Additionally, as Osterholm indicates, they would compel children to wear masks, most of which would be cloth masks. However, what about the triple masks? What is it about the Biden administration that no one takes them seriously? Thus so many Americans are perplexed as well as disgusted with their leadership.