Biden Commerce Department Adds ‘Counselor For Equity’

The Department of Commerce has appointed its first-ever “counselor for equity,” Ines Hernandez, to work towards “institutionalizing equity across all workstreams and advising senior leadership on policy design and implementation strategies that help advance the equity agenda.” This move comes in the wake of Joe Biden’s announcement that all federal agencies must create an annual equity action plan.

Hernandez has worked for many years in community and economic development governmental positions. She most recently worked as a counselor at an “innovation hub” at Florida International University.

In a statement following her appointment, Hernandez said, “My years of experience working to bring financial inclusion and economic empowerment to culturally diverse communities will guide me as I continue to advocate for economic mobility at the national level.”

The DOC Equity (DEIA) Council claims its mission is to provide “cross-bureau coordination, policy development, and administrative support for initiatives that institutionalize equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility across the Department’s programs and operations.”

The Biden Commerce Department has stressed its support for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) at “all stages of the employee life cycle, committing to ensuring its work results in broadly shared benefits for employees and leaders, as well as customers and stakeholders.”

House Republicans are proposing measures to eliminate “woke” equity-driven positions from the federal government. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) introduced the “Stop Imposing Woke Ideology Abroad Act,” which would prohibit federal funds from being used for the salary or expenses of the “special representative for racial equity and justice” at the State Department and prohibit the department from moving forward with its “equity action plan.”

The appointment of Ines Hernandez and the creation of the DEIA Council reflect the commitment of the Biden administration toward promoting “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” However, the complexity of the language used in these announcements raises concerns about the ability of the public to understand what the initiatives are truly aimed at doing.

The administration’s use of nebulous language allows the DEIA Council and Hernandez to operate without genuine oversight while they can claim to be acting within the scope of their duties. In any event, the new bureaucratic positions add to the neverending layers of the federal administrative state. The continuing process unfortunately allows leftist policies to become deeply ingrained, no matter who is in the White House or Congress.