Biden Can’t Wait To Give Our Enemy Iran Money While Everyone Is Distracted

The world energy ecosystem is extremely fragile when everything is going right. Now that everything is going wrong, oil prices are skyrocketing. It would be the perfect time to open the keystone pipeline and give companies access to federal lands to drill and unleash domestic fracking. Remember how this is the same strategy that had America as an energy exporter a little more than one short year ago. Alas, that is the last thing President Biden and his handlers will do in this situation. Instead, they are looking for foreign oil to pick up the slack.

I wish I could say that I was shocked, but Mayor Pete just came out and said that all options are on the table, even from our enemy Iran. You know, the country that screams death to America every chance it gets.

This administration has no shame and is an expert in keeping a straight face when talking about policy moves that would have been unthinkable at any other time. Jen Psaki was even more affirmative in her response, saying that a deal was consummated.

I guess the whole enemy of my enemy is waiting. Russia and Iran are allies and trading partners. We are also still buying Russian oil as well. This administration is bending over backward to do anything other than handle the problem ourselves. It is not as if we could not have seen any of this happening since some of the biggest oil producers in the world are Machiavellian despots.

From the moment Biden got elected, his administration has engaged in a policy of eager optimism. The world would be a different place because of who was now in the oval office. The exact opposite happened. The world’s bad actors are encouraged to do what they want without worrying about destabilizing anything. They will be rewarded. Just look at the pending deal with Iran. With the Biden administration, “all options are on the table” regardless of how it impacts America and its allies.