Biden ‘Can’t Even Answer’ A Question Accurately Instead He ‘Ventures Off’ About Economics And Paying Rent

At the very least, Americans can be thankful that President Joe Biden took questions. It shouldn’t be an event that’s rare considering everything America is going through. The good thing you can hold onto is that America doesn’t need the President to make decisions for them. They can rely on each other as the founders intended.

In usual press conferences, Biden would leave without taking questions. This time was different. Instead of taking questions, he did a terrible job answering them. That goes to show why he doesn’t take them to begin with.

Biden continued to complain about the questions, but he realized that if he took questions more often or addressed the public more often, there wouldn’t be a barrage of questioning. Instead, Biden relies on Press Secretary Jen Psaki to clarify what he’s talking about. God bless her and the job she does.

Biden placed a lot of doubt in the security of elections. Americans were essentially insecure about the 2020 election, at least many Republicans. There you go. United States elections aren’t secure at all. That should round up what Biden said. And, if we want elections to be secure, we should let the federal government take over, and everyone should shut their mouth. If only it were that easy.

Biden isn’t President during a bipartisan government. Democrats have a majority, and if it weren’t for radical things like the filibuster, they could do whatever they wanted without question. Thankfully, the filibuster is in place to put partisan politics aside, and Americans can win. That’s what happened when Republicans and a couple of Democrats blocked a voting rights bill that would have outlawed voter identification and caused states to lose their ability to put voting measures in place.

That’s what should happen after a contentious election cycle. Let’s take away security measures that ensure everyone’s vote is counted, and fraud occurs less frequently. Then again, that’s the White supremacist way to vote.

Even when asked about school closures, Biden answered, “Perhaps I’m deceiving myself, but as time passes, the voter who is simply trying to figure out how to take care of their family, put three squares on the table, keep safe, pay their mortgage or credit, et cetera.”

What is he even talking about? It isn’t okay. Biden is rambling about voting and economics when asked directly about school closures. Not only that, but he had the reporter ask the question again.

Biden had everything he needed to succeed when he got the keys to the kingdom. He had vaccines and a definite economic advantage. The country was emerging from a state of lockdown and achieving energy independence. Biden just had to shut his mouth and do nothing. He couldn’t do that. That’s why the country is in the state it’s in today because an older man that can’t speak clearly can’t stop screwing things up.

Congratulations, Democrats, and some Republicans, you got what you wanted. Most voters turn out and give this man 81 million votes because you didn’t like how former President Donald Trump tweeted. Thanks.