Biden Border Crisis: Illegal Border Crossings Break Record

There is no amount of spin from the Biden administration that can change one simple fact. The total of illegal immigrant crossings for fiscal year 2022 soared to 2.76 million, shattering the previous yearly record by over 1 million.

This data comes directly from Customs and Border Protection figures for the 12-month period ending Sept. 30, 2022.

CBP credits most of the increase to migrants coming northward from authoritarian nations such as Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. The number of border crossers from these origins skyrocketed 245% last month over just one year ago.

The agency cited Title 42 as a reason numbers surged in the past year. The COVID-19-era policy allows for immediate return of certain migrants back into Mexico, and though the Biden administration is fighting it in court, at the same time it is being used to send migrants across the border.

In a statement, officials claim that many migrants make “multiple border crossing attempts,” meaning the high number of encounters “somewhat overstate the number of unique individuals arriving at the border.”

Either way, the total has drastically increased under the Biden White House, and it must be noted that Title 42 was implemented under former President Donald Trump along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Month-over-month numbers also point to a drastic increase in activity at the border. Last month there were 227,547 border encounters, which was a 12% increase from August.

That total also marks a leap of over 35,000 encounters from Sept. 2021.

The CBP noted a drop in the number of migrants from Venezuela attempting to cross the border in September. Commissioner Chris Magnus said that, even with the sharply higher totals for last month, “joint enforcement actions” with Mexico brought that total down 80%.

The flow of migrants from Cuba and Nicaragua, however, continues to soar.

Even as the Biden administration tries to paint the border as “secure,” the facts paint a very different picture. The federal government’s own numbers show that the nation’s southern border instead is out of control, and putting its head in the sand is a long way from the White House finding a solution.