Biden Blames Someone New for Having to Dip Into Strategic Oil Reserve (Again)

The Biden administration has had a very coherent strategy for blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for rising gas prices. The only problem is that Americans are not buying it. Gas prices were skyrocketing before the invasion. Savvy political observers noticed how the White House comms team switched from citing the invasion as the reason for gas inflation to the invasion ‘build-up phase’ as the reason to make the timing work.

As Biden’s poll numbers plummet even further (who thought that was even possible) the White House has decided to pivot to someone else to blame. Instead of taking responsibility as the President is supposed to do, the administration is now saying it is the energy company’s fault. Yes, you read that correctly.

Ah yes, the evil oil companies and their record profits. They are simply choosing to sit on their hands and let hundreds of viable wells sit dormant. Everyone with a memory better than a gnat knows that the Biden administration has been waging a war on energy from its first day in office when it closed the Keystone Pipeline. Does anyone remember this gem from Joe Biden on the campaign trail?

Joe’s lies used to be quaint when he would talk about beating up Corn Pop, but that was back in the glory days when things in the United States were working. Now that food inflation and rising gas prices are crushing the middle class, the American people are holding him to a higher standard. Unfortunately for Joe, the internet always has the receipts.

President Biden is dipping into the strategic reserve again to try and keep gas prices down and his polling numbers up. He is releasing one million barrels of oil a day for the next six months. Here is the problem, America uses 21 million barrels of oil a day. Tapping the strategic reserve is nothing more than a kabuki theatre designed to try and make it through the midterms. It is not going to work. The Democrats are going to get shellacked.

We are witnessing the last desperate acts of an administration in its death throes. Joe Biden has only Joe Biden to blame.