Biden Blames Rising Prices On OPEC And Misrepresents Gas Price Increases

After President Joe Biden sends the country into a downward spiral within the oil industry, gas prices rise. Biden’s decisions will plague the United States with high gas prices for the years to come.

Biden said:

Biden also said, “Today, the price of gas in America on average is $3.40 a gallon. In California, it’s much higher.”

In November, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that gas was $3.491 per gallon on average. In October, they said the average price was $3.384, where Biden is getting the average, who knows.

Biden claimed that a spike in 2012 was worse:

If you look around 2012 as an example, the price of gas on average per month went from $2.69 in 2010 and fluctuated up to $3.96 over a year and a half and fluctuated again to another high in 2012 of $3.958. What we’re looking at in 2021 is a price hike of $1.29 over one year. That’s worse even though the top price is lower. Biden isn’t accounting for the uptick we’re likely to see over the next few months.

Then Biden mentioned 2014 when the price hit $3.69. That’s inaccurate, the price hit $3.766 as a high, but that was only a $.37 raise from the beginning of the year and less than $.10 from the year prior.

2019? Not even a $1 rise in gas prices. Quite a bit lower, in fact. It was a roughly $.70 change.

Whatever Biden quotes is either misrepresented or inaccurate.

Fair Share has been used as a clue for a price increase. Interestingly, Biden would use that term to describe gas prices, and he needs to do some work on his math. A 50% jump in gas is unacceptable when the president himself has shut down oil pipelines within the last year.