Biden Administration Keeps Processing DACA Applications, Despite Judicial Order To Stop

Biden administration has constantly been trying to let the illegal migrants into the country by releasing them as undocumented immigrants without any court dates for their legal proceedings. These undocumented immigrants must report back within 60 days to an ICE officer to help in their legal proceedings. The administration has created a new loophole called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to release illegal immigrants.

US immigration policy DACA allows those who entered the nation illegally as youngsters to remain in the country for an additional two years and receive a work permit. According to a federal judge in Texas, this behavior is illegal, but recipients currently on this list are nonetheless entitled to receive payments under the legislation.

Despite having specific awareness of the judgment against the legislation, the Biden Administration has continued to release illegal aliens into the nation. Tracy Renaud, the interim Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Policies (USCIS), admitted in court that nine immigrants were released ‘inadvertently’ under DACA, and biometrics for enrollment were taken from 52 more applications requesting registration. It completely disregards the judicial order, in contrast to the federal authority to ignore a judicial ruling to admit an unlawful foreign national into the country. Even though they deemed it a mistake, according to Robert Law of the Center for Immigration Studies, the agency put in an overnight effort, which they rarely do, only to let the nine cases pass. It casts doubt on the federal government because all indications lead to a favor being granted, whether political or personal.

Favoring illegals by letting them into the country without court dates with an excuse of overcrowding at the detention centers or enrolling them under DACA are the Democrats’ schemes to gain favor and support of the minorities and is something they have been doing for a long time now.