Biden Administration Doles Out $250K To Wuhan Lab-Linked Group

To understand the motive behind Covid-19 and the lab leak theory, which has more substantiation than ever, just read Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails that were released. In early 2020 it was suggested that the Covid-19 virus leaked from a lab, yet Fauci decided to do and say nothing. People were blocked and banned from social media platforms if they dared speak about it because it was labeled “misinformation.” 

The funny thing about misinformation is that it’s only misinformation until it’s proven.  

Peter Daszak, the founder of Ecohealth Alliance, was awarded $250,000 by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency after trying to silence any theory of a slab leak. Ecohealth Alliance is closely tied to the Wuhan Institute for Virology.  

Fauci works closely with Daszak, and Fauci works for the federal government, so things got even more suspicious when the federal government teamed up with Facebook to flag misinformation.  

The money was given to disrupting any attempts made to use biological weapons, but there should have been a better look at where Covid-19 originated to begin with. A report suggests that an accident happened in the Wuhan lab that spread to the entire world. However, the Chinese government is still refusing to take any responsibility, and Fauci is still under the impression that he hasn’t funded gain of function research.  

Republicans continue to call for investigations into Ecohealth Alliance to determine the cause of the Covid-19 outbreak, but nothing has been successful. Ecohealth Alliance has refused to cooperate with document requests by Congress in the past, and many have called to stop funding the group.  

Jacob Foster said, “Taking tax dollars appropriated by Congress and thumbing your nose at oversight investigations into the origins of Covid-19 is unacceptable.” Of course, it’s unacceptable. If the United States, or anyone for that matter, will send hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to an organization, then transparency needs to be a crucial part of the contract. In this case, it seems transparency standards weren’t met at all, even when Congress requested them. The United States should refuse to fund when money is requested as well.  

Daszak was the only American scientist investigating the origins of Covid-19 and consistently rejected the idea that it leaked from the Wuhan lab. Meanwhile, other scientists said that the Chinese government covered up documents that would have assisted in determining the origins of Covid-19.  

The fact remains that more transparency is necessary to get to the bottom of the origins of Covid-19, and Americans and the entire world deserve to have some answers. Fauci should be the top scientist responsible for investigating and reporting back his findings in this matter because he’s the one who has been caught lying and misrepresenting the truth in hearing.