Biden Administration Allows Thousands Of Migrants To Stay

The Biden administration is planning to offer effective amnesty to thousands of migrants who crossed into the United States illegally, according to a new plan. The decision came as the United States saw the highest number of attempted entries into the country last year.

The administration plans to consider allowing thousands of migrants to remain in the country. The United States has seen 350,000 cases of asylum seekers which the Biden administration closed. The administration determined that the asylum seekers did not have a criminal record or did not pose a threat to the country.

The move by the White House means that the migrants will be allowed to remain in the country even though they were not given or denied asylum.

The cases of asylum claims not adjudicated have increased sharply since Biden took office. While about 52,000 asylum seekers were deported last year, another 43,000 were granted asylum. This was a significant increase from the numbers during the Trump administration.

The number of asylum cases which were not adjudicated was also substantially lower during the Trump administration, including several years where the number was near zero.

Last year there were more than three million attempted illegal crossings into the United States, the highest on record. Furthermore, this number included more than 300,000 attempted entries in December 2023, which is also the highest monthly record on file.

The flow of migrants coincides significantly with President Joe Biden taking office in 2021. Many Republicans blame him for the sharp increase in attempted crossings.

Approximately seven million illegal aliens have entered the country since Biden took office.

Furthermore, many Republicans also point to the Biden administration’s decision to end the Title 42 asylum policy put in place by former President Donald Trump.

During a press event last week, the former president said that thousands of people are entering into the United States, including from Africa. He further said that many of these individuals were coming from prisons and mental asylums.